Win By Not Losing​

After the carnage of 2008 and the second major drawdown in a decade, many investors were desperately searching for solutions. Unfortunately, the industry’s ideas always revolved around adding some new missing asset class. But, these seemed to either painfully lag in bull markets or not offer the much-needed protection during severe pullbacks.

I believed the approach was misguided. Instead, what was needed was a better understanding of risk and how portfolio strategies could adapt to changing economies. In simple terms, the right answer for some investors is to move out of the way when you identify a risk.

– Dean Harman, CFP
Managing Director, Harman Wealth Management

“Dean Harman is truly an independent advisor in every sense of the word. His provocative book may make you rethink your assumptions about investing”
     -Larry Roth, CEO, AIG Advisor Group

“In Dean Harman’s first book, he puts the finger on how important it is to avoid falling prey to the ups and downs of the market. He understands that in investing, as in sports a good defense can be the best offense.”
     -Claude Lilly, President, Presbyterian College, Former Director Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Charlotte Branch, Former Dean, Belk College of Business, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Former Dean, College of Business and Behavioral Science, Clemson University.

“Dean Harman makes a powerful case that conventional investing does not work very well for most people”
     -Paul F. Oreffice, Former Chairman and CEO, Dow Chemical; Former Board Member of Cigna, The Coca-Cola Company, and Morgan Stanley

The Use of analytics is crucial in baseball – and Dean has an uncanny ability to use the same kind of analytical process to make good investing decisions”
     -Brad Mills, Cleveland Indians Baseball Coach and Former Houston Astros Manager